Fabrics & Prints

Magdalena Eriksson represent Printedfabrics and Da Vinci on the Swedish and the Danish markets.

We offer:

• Large selection of textile qualities
• Design and Printing of customized patterns.
• Print and fabric service of costumer’s own designs
• Quick deliveries
• Deliver also small production orders
• Big selection of designs to print 
 •Many beautiful qualities and colors in stock service.

Printed fabrics have all fabrics ready for deliver in stock in Italy, so meter goods are printed and delivered quickly to Scandinavia. 
Delivery times:
Polyester: About 2 weeks  
Viscose and cotton: About 3 weeks
Silk and cupro: About 4 weeks. 
With a “frozen” lamination on  the fabric’s, another week will be added. 
In the case of large volumes, delivery time maybe longer.

Provbitar från Printed Fabrics
Om du vet ungefär vilken textiltyp eller material du söker så kan tre mindre provbitar beställas kostnadsfritt.

Önskas många fler tygprover så föreslår vi ett startpaket, för € 79,99, som innehåller:

• 190 pcs printed quality samples in format 20 x 15 cm. 
 • A number of plain colored cuttings, as well as frozen-treated* samples of above-only fabric qualities (frozen is glittering / shiny effect coating that is applied above the print /color).  
•  As well as 200 samples of additional fabric samples, in format 10 x 7.5 cm. All existing print pattern designs can be seen on    www.printedfabrics.it

Alessandro shows plain colour stockservice, matchable with prints.

Magdalena Eriksson, who is based south of Gothenburg, can show you Printed fabrics and Da Vinci collections.

Qualities and materials
SILKS: Several fine qualities such as crepe de chinè, chiffon, georgette. Prices are around EUR 25/35 in the order quantity segment 10-300mt. There are even elastic variants with low percentage of elastane. 
There are also ,the silk mixed with linen, cotton, viscose or polyester. 
LINEN: From thin blouse quality to heavier weight. Even silk mixture or cotton-linen. There are two  elastic variants, one with the yellow elastane. 
 CUPRO: Several qualities in different weights. 
 VISKOS: Very fine elastic satin, as well as twill and jerseys. 
 COTTON : Jersey, sweatshirt fabric, muslin, poplin, etc. Evenelastic. 
 PLEATED: A large range different types of pleats. 
 POLYESTER: Available in many forms such as satins, jerseys and other.  
 FOR SWIMWEAR: For both gentlemen’s and lady’s. Textile print colors are guaranteed to last sun, salty baths, chlorine and sweat, at least one sosong. 
FOR RAINWEAR / SHOWER DRAPES: Among other things, a strong completely transparent “plastic”, as well as a semi-transparent and also a thinwater-repellent polyester. 
Most of the fabrics are marked with handwash, which means that the often also can be washed in very mild machine wash at 30ºC 
 Some are washable at 40 degrees, but higher temperatures are discouraged as it might harm the print colors. 
 Fabrics with frozen laminate needs to be dry cleaned.

Alessandro på Printed fabrics visar teknikerna transfertryck, laser, instansat, laminerat och inkjet eller digitaltryck

Provenance of fabrics: 50% of the fabric qualities are made in Italy and 50% come from China and Turkey, among other countries. Everything is printed and finished at Printed  Fabrics  in Prato or in Como (Italy), where they are good at silk. 
You can pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard,  American  Ex-press) or  PayPal, in euro currency. The money is deducted when the fabrics are sent from  Printed  Fabrics.

Contact in Sweden:
Magdalena Eriksson: me@magdalenaeriksson.com
Contact in Italy:
Alessandro Vannini, Printed Fabrics: info@printedfabrics.it

Minimum order:
Pattern print fabric: 
Minimum order for a fabric quality: 2 meters, which you can distribute on more pattern designs. 
Plain-colored fabric dye: Minimum order for customized colors are: 50 m. 
Below 50 m we offer staining through solid print (not as evenly, and provides lighter back)
Solid-colored fabrics from hangers
For solid(piecedyed/color bath) fabrics, the running meter price in column for 0-300  m. 
For fully printed solid-colored fabrics, the price per meter in column 10-300 m is valid.

Alessandro visar tyger i da Vincis stock service