3D Clothes

In an Ergo project we should create the fictive brand Protect.
During earlier studies in Smart textiles at The university of textiles in BorĂ¥s, I examined the possibility to make textile photovoltaic materials, which led to the idea for this project.

In the project we fictioned products made with textile photovoltaic fibers coloured with carbon oxide absorbent and storing dyes. The clothes are equipped with leaders and printed microchips, inside the pockets there are micro sockets for adaptors for various gadgets.

It got very heavy and slow to animate in CLO with my little macbook.

In real life i came to the conclusion that it would be more practical to make huge sheets in photovoltiatic fabric than clothes. Then it would be possible to hang it on a wall, over a car or on top of a roof. practically it is possible to make photovoltiatic textile fibers but yet it’s not enough effective to be worth the effort and expense.