Clothes in 3d

During 2022 i learned CLO3D, to be able to create the construction and illustration of the clothing item at the same time. The knowledge in textile, design, and construction I have since internship in sewing factories and studies at Tillskärarakademin, and fashion design studies at Academia Italiano Moda and The textile university of Borås in the 1980-90ies. I also had internships at the designers Roberto Cavalli och Luca Faccenda in Florence

In CLO it is possible to make 2d pattern construction or you can draw directly on the avatar and the make it a paper pattern. It is also possible to drape fabric onto the avatar and pin it before sewing. The pattens are sewn togheter virtually, kutting placements are made, size grading and virtual fittings are possible. . On top of that you can visualise and animate the avatars and the clothings. It is possible to make some adjustments to the avatars. I took photos of earlier constructions that I traced in CLO and I also received patterns from the factory in Italy, that I converted to CLO3d.

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