Light and rendering

Here are some of the visualizations I created during the course in light and rendering.

Fast material and lighting

Here I have received a model that I have changed the material on and lit to mimic the feeling in another picture. I’ve used Blender with post-processing in Nuke.

These are assets I downloaded and changed the materials on and lit to look like Mac products.


The glass and carafe are downloaded assets, while the water is created in Blender.


I have created the fire in the program EmberGen and imported it into Blender. The jacket is created in CLO3d and imported to Blender.

I will definitely continue to work with visualization of fire and water.

The swedish pastisserie championship.

Pastry Chef SM

This piece of cake tries to look like a realistic photo of a pastry. It is created with ready-made asstets, some modeling and lighting in Blender with post-processing in Nuke.

The bridal shoes

I have modeled these shoes in Blender from a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. They are materialized in Substance painter, lit in Blender with post production in Nuke. The images have been put together in After Effects.

There were a few different versions. Here you can see the process.