I visualise in various ways, still pictures and moving pictures, both 2d and 3d. The advantage with 3d is that you can show the product from multiple angles. Here are some of the projects I performed.

Copy picture

Because it is a good exercise for designing cad with Fusion 360. To light up and render in Blender, with final adjustment of the shadows in Photoshop.

Originalpic: @acasso-official

My result


To project photo on 3d objects is a quick way to create environments. This is a combination of different photos and a created shanty town behind the crest. Then I created and added the pots and the plants. To start the perspective was out drawn in Fspy, then the street was created, illuminated and rendered in Blender.

Som 3d i wireframe

Renderad bild med projicerade bilder.


A Mi wireless screwdriver from Xiaomi created in Fusion 360, materialised, illuminated and rendered in various versions in Blender. In some of them different layers are put to gather for the final look in Photoshop.



Picture with blueprint

A Mi Xiamo watch made with the same process as the screwdriver.

Procedual modelling

A misty landscape. Blender.