Why wear wool?

Because it is a fantastic material.
It keeps both cold and heat away from the body, it absorbs moisture into the fiber. The wool warms even in a damp state. It is completely natural and is one of the textile fibers that best repels rain, while it is also one of the most difficult to catch fire. In addition, it is available in several completely natural colors.

Here is the development process:

The atelier sent me a dxf file of the pattern they created based on my measurement list. The dxf file was imported into Clo3d. In Clo I have then fixed the pattern, sewn together, created the materials and applied zippers, embroidery and reflectors.

Photo of the original coat in wool, with reflective details and Viking-inspired embroidery. It’s part of a collection I’ve made for determ.se.

In CLO3d, you usually work with the mesh in triangles, but when exporting to other programs, it is switched to low resolution quads. In this way, you can then make a subdivision in, for example, Blender and keep the file size down.

This is a scan of a physical embroidery that I then created a normal folder and displacement folder of in photoshop. The original design I have created in Adobe Illustator.The embroidery on the coat is made of reflective embroidery thread.

The fabric is 100% wool in a herringbone pattern, made in Portugal. Here, base, normal and displacement maps created from a photograph (or was it a scan?) of the fabric processed into maps in Photoshop.

The shirt and trouser buttons also have a logo.

All the wool fabrics in the collection have been photographed with lighting from 8 different angles to create materials in the Substance sampler.

The textures were divided into Clo for export to substance painter:



and also displacement, normal, roughness, metalness and its own special folder for clothes with stitches.

The avatar was first exported as Alembic, but it seems to work better with pc2 in Blender. And working with the materials in Substance turned out to be superfluous.

When I experimented a lot, I ended up not having the embroidery and reflective piping on the animated film. Therefore, I had to make another one where the color of the coat was also adjusted. That’s the one you can see below.

Music: Cool Change by Mr Smith(FreeMusic Archive) CC By4t 4.0 DEED